Mentoring Program

The VPMTP provides advanced trainees in Palliative Medicine with the opportunity to participate in a structured mentoring program by being matched to a senior clinician with similar interests to themselves.

A recent literature search on mentoring has shown that trainees with a mentor experience greater professional and personal satisfaction and success.

There are various components within the mentoring paradigm that contribute to its overall success. A primary component involves the trainee taking responsibility for finding a compatible mentor and simultaneously reflecting upon and elucidating their short and long term goals.

VPMTP mentors act as a coach or sounding board, interested in the whole person but particularly in the trainee’s development as a Palliative Care Physician. The principal role of the mentor is to listen and offer positive and constructive suggestions. The primary aim of the mentoring program is to progress the professional and personal skills of the mentee developing as a Palliative Care specialist.

If you are interested in being involved as either a Mentor or Mentee, please contact the VPMTP Medical Training Coordinator

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