Six Month Registrar

A six-month registrar position in palliative care is available to doctors interested in obtaining expertise in Palliative Medicine, including Advanced Trainees from other specialties.

Once you have been offered a position, if you wish, you are then eligible to apply for the RACP Clinical Foundation in Palliative Medicine.

The aim of the Clinical Foundation in Palliative Medicine is to enable doctors to spend time in palliative care as part of their vocational training and continuing professional development. The RACP Foundation program consists of a six month supervised clinical attachment and the guidelines are based on the RACP – AChPM Palliative Medicine curriculum.

Click here to link to the RACP Clinical Foundation information.


At whom is it aimed?
  • Doctors undertaking specialist training in other areas such as geriatrics, pain, oncology, general practice.
  • GP registrars who spend 6 months as an extended skills post.
  • Rural generalist trainees who wish to develop Advanced Skills in Palliative Medicine.
  • Experienced practitioners already working in Palliative Medicine and who wish to have a formal qualification to acknowledge their experience but are not in a position to undertake Chapter training.
  • Medical practitioners who wish to develop their skills in this area.
  • Junior doctors/residents PGY3 and above, prior to vocational training (dependent on annual application numbers).

Where can you do it?

A site accredited for Palliative Medicine Advanced Training is also a suitable training centre for the Clinical Diploma of Palliative Medicine. Click here

It is encouraged that sites strive to provide the trainee with the opportunity to spend time in the community.

How is the training assessed?

A Personal Learning Plan must be submitted at the beginning of training to evidence substantial planning of learning goals and objectives. Trainees work on a Case Study and Logbook throughout the six month program. The Case Study must be reviewed by the Educational supervisor and the submission must be accompanied by a Case Study Cover Sheet. Trainees should refer to the Case Study Guidelines for further information.

Can training only be done full time?

It is possible to get approval for part-time training but the diploma must be completed within 12 months of commencement. This must be discussed with the Medical Training Coordinator prior to lodging your application with VPMTP.

How much does it cost?

For current fee structure, please refer to the RACP website. Click here

How do you apply?

Applications open mid-year on an annual basis and are made via an online application form on the APPLY NOW page.

For further information, contact the VPMTP Medical Training Coordinator.